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In-N-Out has become a highlight of the Hollywood awards season, ever since Paul Giamatti went viral for visiting the burger joint after his Golden Globes win. Which got me thinking… what’s your fave organic brand moment?

🧠 Stat Of The Day 🧠

The 96th annual Academy Awards drew 19.5M viewers on Sunday night, up almost 4% YoY in viewers. (Source: Variety)

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⚡️Today’s Headlines⚡️

👀 Is TikTok building an app for photos?

😬 Google’s new bulk sender deadlines are causing B2B spam complaints

🗑️ Hundreds of brands are wasting ad dollars on MFA sites

Meta’s got new updates for retailers on automated Advantage+ ads

🤖 Microsoft Ads is opening up Copilot AI to more advertisers

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🛠️ Things Worth Checking Out 🛠️

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Today’s Insight

📰 TL;DR - Surveys are a great way to find out more about your audience and what they want. They can be especially helpful in content strategy or UX decisions. But surveys are often used incorrectly, resulting in unreliable data. The Nielsen Norman Group (yes, that Nielsen) busted the common myths of surveys and detailed how you can accurately run a survey.

💡 Insight - According to Nielsen Norman Group, “Surveys are disproportionately prone to misuse and are often selected for the wrong reasons.”

Here are some of the common myths they see with surveys:

  1. Surveys are easy to run - It’s easy to forget that survey methodology is actually really complex, combining quantitative and qualitative research into a single action. You should only use surveys when you have enough time to accurately approach your surveys and consider the data they provide.

  2. Large samples are the only road to reliability - That’s not always the case, and more often than not, these long-held assumptions point to a different need altogether. If your boss doesn’t trust a small sample size, then consider whether a survey is what you really need in the first place.

  3. Surveys avoid the risk of annoying or offending customers - Umm, what?? Sometimes, the best case scenario is actually talking directly to customers, and surveys can only hinder your ability to get to the end goal.

To consider whether or not you should conduct a survey, NNGroup suggests asking: Is the question I want answered quantitative or qualitative? Is the question behavioral or attitudinal?

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