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Did any other 90s kids watch the Quiet on Set Nickelodeon docuseries recently? It’s on my to-watch list, but I’ve heard some WILD things…

🧠 Stat Of The Day 🧠

All social media apps experienced declines in U.S. users in February, but none with as steep a decline as X which was down 18% YoY. (Source: Sensor Tower)

🙌 Content Repurposing? We've all Heard of It.

But how much can you really squeeze out of 1 video?

With vidyo.ai, you can create...

🎥 TikTok & YouTube Shorts

🎞️ Reels

📝 Blogs

🗒️ Show-notes

📜 Whitepapers

✉️ Newsletters

We will stop there but know that creating like Gary Vee & Alex Hormozi can be a few clicks away.

🎙 🎉 Now Streaming - How To Market B2B SaaS, Women’s Jewelry To Men, & More on YouTube, Spotify & Apple 🙂 

⚡️Today’s Headlines⚡️

💃 Threads’ web app finally has native GIF search & posting

🎠 Instagram’s testing the option to comment on specific carousel images

🗑️ Don’t delete your videos! YouTube says it may harm channel growth

LinkedIn’s new dynamic UTM parameters provides better tracking

⏩ YouTube’s testing a new AI-based option to skip to the best part

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🛠️ Things Worth Checking Out 🛠️

🔥 FREE CONTENT - Increase your lead conversion by 36% and generate a 7.6x ROI by creating video based on your existing content. The best part? You get an additional explainer video for FREE on any paid package with Spacebar Visuals.

🙌 DONE FOR YOU UGC - Need a no-commitment UGC solution? Try minisocial! They partner your brand with high-quality micro influencer creators who produce fully-licensed UGC. Check them out here.

🎧 SPOTIFY CLASS - Spotify’s breaking into new business with…eLearning? The music streaming app has already expanded into podcasts, audiobooks, and now it’s testing out freemium video courses in the U.K.

Today’s Insight

📰 TL;DR - Maintaining a subscriber list across email and SMS campaigns can be tough. It’s inevitable that you’ll get some unsubscribes, but too many unsubscribes can signal a larger issue: that you’re sending content your recipients don’t want. This can hurt your sender reputation and lead to more of your marketing ending up in spam inboxes.

💡 Insight - Industry benchmarks say email unsubscribe rates should be under 1% and SMS unsubscribe rates should be under 0.5%. If you’re above these rates, you might want to reconsider why people keep leaving your lists. Are you sending too many messages? Setting the wrong expectations? Sending irrelevant content to the wrong segments? Being too repetitive?

If you said no to all of those questions, consider trying out a few best practices. Personalization and segmentation are two of the biggest ways to make recipients feel seen and heard. According to research, segmented emails drive 2x the open rates and 3x the revenue per recipient compared to batch-and-blast sends.

Make sure your customer journey is integrated across email, SMS, push notifications, and automated flows. It’s vital to plan across channels, look holistically at each of them, and make sure you’re considering every touchpoint with your customer.

When in doubt, get ahead of unsubscribes by cleaning your lists regularly to remove unengaged or fake subscribers, and make it easy for recipients to unsubscribe if they want. The only thing worse than losing a subscriber is making them hate your brand experience.

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