Tuesday, April 2

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Did you have a favorite April Fools brand campaign yesterday? I think mine was either Sweetgreen’s ‘After Salad Kit’ or 7-Eleven’s hot dog seltzer water. 😂

🧠 Stat Of The Day 🧠

Trump’s social media company Truth Social lost over $58M on $4.1M in revenue in 2023. (Source: Axios)

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⚡️Today’s Headlines⚡️

🎯 Meta’s Advantage+ campaigns are getting new insights & targeting

💼 Telegram’s launching business accounts with special features

🪦 Google Podcasts is shutting down today

📉 X usage has declined 30% YoY, according to a new report

👾 Discord is starting to show ads to boost revenue

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🛠️ Things Worth Checking Out 🛠️

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👍 AUTOMATED UGC - Want to set up an automated influencer marketing system in your business and get dozens of untapped influencers promoting you? Here's how

🤡 APRIL FOOLS - Per the intro letter, brands went wild this April Fools Day. Personally, I think no one does it better than food brands – an easy way to do something insane in a fun way.

Today’s Insight

📰 TL;DR - The Infinite Dial, an annual survey from Edison Research, just dropped, detailing the behaviors of Americans listening to online audios and podcasts. The data shows an increasing audience of podcast and audio media.

💡 Insight - Here are some of the top growth stats from the study:

  • 47% have listened to a podcast in the last month, up 12% YoY

  • 34% have listened to a podcast in the last week, up 10% YoY

  • 45% of women in the U.S. have listened to a podcast in the last month, up 15% YoY

  • Weekly and monthly podcast listening among men are up 3% & 4%, respectively

  • 76% have listened to online audio in the last month, an estimated 218M people

Definitely something to consider when thinking about new avenues for ad buys or opportunities for organic content!

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