Thursday, March 28

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Just heard about a new startup creating a tech tool to ‘talk’ to your dogs. As cool as this could be, I don’t need another way for Junior (my 60-pound Labradoodle) to harass me for even more treats & walks… would you want to talk with your pup?

🧠 Stat Of The Day 🧠

In 2023, Google blocked or removed over 1 billion ads for violating their policy against abusing the ad network. (Source: Google)

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⚡️Today’s Headlines⚡️

🎥 LinkedIn’s testing a new TikTok-like short-form video experience

🙌 YouTube’s is improving its Audience Retention report

👍 Google’s counting on users to rate items in their searches

Florida’s new bill restricts activity for users under age 14

✉️ LinkedIn’s adding the ability for users to message your business

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🛠️ Things Worth Checking Out 🛠️

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📺 YOUTUBE REACH - YouTube just issued guidance on how the timing of when you publish affects viewership. The TL;DR? It doesn’t really matter.

📰 TL;DR - Real estate agents have been taking to TikTok to court first-time homebuyers. But they’re not just creating your standard sales content; they’re embracing radical honesty and unconventional commentary to stand out. Even if you’re not in real estate, these tactics can be used by any small business to reach clients in a fun, approachable way.

💡 Insight - Know your buyers. These real estate agents are targeting a very specific audience when they’re creating content for TikTok. The Boomer home seller isn’t there, but the Millennial or Gen Z first-time home buyer is. Which is why the content also can lean a bit sillier and more trendy. One realtor in Texas found success integrating Spanish-language humor into his content, which now gets hundreds of thousands of views.

Lean into classic behaviors. Everyone is nosy about how other people live, which is why walk-throughs and visuals are key for selling these assets. But it’s not just about a plain tour, it’s also about showing the special values of a house and how people will use it IRL – just like any other product.

Embrace your own personality. If you’re a realtor or a small biz owner, your brand is ultimately tied to you as a person. A real estate agent in San Diego noted that his content started going viral when he “dropped the businessman act” and started leaning into his unique flair of aggressive, over-the-top deliveries.

Value the long-lead approach. It’s true that when a real estate video goes viral, it’s hard to translate into sales. Real estate is hyper-local and not everyone seeing your content is in your area. But as the agents say, a lead is a lead. So, embrace that more eyes is always better and wait for the views to turn into real-life interest.

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