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Here at Growth Daily, we’ve got a team of all different backgrounds celebrating nearly every holiday… but at the end of the day, we all agree that Cadbury mini eggs are the best chocolate pick this time of year. 🍫

🧠 Stat Of The Day 🧠

Instagram’s nano-influencers outperform top TikTok influencers with an engagement rate of 6.23% compared with TikTok’s 4.95%. (Source: Captiv8 and EMARKETER)

🏆 Why successful brands win with influencers

The secret to making influencer partnerships work is finding your unique tribe. People who would promote you even if you didn't partner with them and give them incentives to mention you.

Brands like Obvi and Tiege are using this exact strategy for constant success with influencers. Tools like Saral help them search across social media and find creators who just click, then automate outreach.

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🚨🎙 You Don’t Want To Miss: “How To Make Millions With Memes & Newsletters” on YouTube, Spotify, or Apple 

⚡️Today’s Headlines⚡️

💰 YouTube’s letting creators share exclusive content with paying fans

📌 Pinterest shared insights into how it refines its algorithm

💸 X is giving away Premium features for free to certain accounts

🤔 Does Meta owe advertisers $7 billion in damages?

🤝 Reddit is partnering with Cision to provide in-depth trend insights

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🛠️ Things Worth Checking Out 🛠️

🛡️ PROTECT YOUR DATA - Guard against spam and robocalls with Incogni. It wipes your personal info from the web, ensuring security from scams and ID theft for enhanced online safety. Visit here.

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👍 COPYRIGHT - Are you using images online legally? The last thing you need is to get sued for copyright infringement. While this isn’t legal advice, here are some tips on using images the correct way.

📰 TL;DR - According to February data reports, ad prices on X continue to fall, and ad engagement is dropping. Felt like a good time to review cost per impressions (CPMs) across the board from the last month. The data is… mixed?

💡 Insight - Here’s how platforms were doing with CPMs and click-through rate (CTR) in February compared year over year with last Feb:

  • X’s CPMs fell 38% & CTR fell 54%

  • Pinterest’s CTR skyrocketed 426%

  • Google’s Performance Max CPMs were up 261%

  • Instagram’s CPMs increased 19% & CTR jumped 219%

  • TikTok’s CPMs rose 19% & CTR rose 13%

  • YouTube’s CPMs were the same but CTR jumped 208%

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