Friday, March 15

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We did it, folks. We made it to Friday. 🎉

🧠 Stat Of The Day 🧠

The Oscars won the award season for highest total social video views with 138M in 24 hrs, beating their 2023 record of 122M views in one day.(Source: Variety)

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⚡️Today’s Headlines⚡️

🇺🇸 U.S. House passed a bill forcing the sale of TikTok to U.S. ownership

🤯 Brands can now sponsor any organic post on LinkedIn

🛍️ Amazon’s new AI tool turns sellers’ links into a product page

👀 Reddit’s new ad format looks like user posts – brilliant or sneaky?

Meta’s shutting down their content-monitoring data tool

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🛠️ Things Worth Checking Out 🛠️

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📦 GEN Z’S FACEBOOK - Gen Z is still on Facebook, but not for the reasons you might think… it’s all thanks to Facebook Marketplace and secondhand culture. Who doesn’t love a good deal?

Today’s Insight

📰 TL;DR - If you haven’t heard about the drama surrounding the Dutchess Kate Middleton and her highly edited Mother’s Day photo… where have you been this past week?? Despite your conspiracy theories, there is a lesson here for brands and how they show up on social media: you can’t just be “authentic” and “accessible” when times are good.

💡 Insight - The Royal Family itself is, for the most part, a brand in itself. And every brand needs to utilize a different marketing mix to maintain a specific image – knowing when to pull on social media, press, and physical appearances. While they attempted to use social media to show up in a relatable and personal way this week, audiences were quick to point out all the ways their posts weren’t relatable or personal. You should never make your audience feel lied to or deceived.

The edited posts only furthered the divide that, while they’re trying to be approachable and real, the royal family is deeply out-of-reach. They diverged from the brand as a wholesome, everyday family – something that resonates deeply with current generations. This change in tone completely alienated audiences and turned them against the brand.

The last key here is being proactive as a brand. You always want to be one step ahead of the narrative, especially when you have such strong resources like the monarchy. But even their attempts couldn’t squander the negative feedback. Once you’ve burned a bridge with your audience, it can be hard to make a comeback. We’ll see if they commit to their current narrative and the future repercussions for the brand.

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