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We celebrated our successful Growth Hacking Summit a little too much last night, so today’s edition might be messier than normal, but not to fret; it's still packed with insights. Salud! 🥂

🧠 Stat Of The Day 🧠

Post frequency on Twitter/X was down 15% this year, while post frequency on Instagram and TikTok increased. (Source: Rival IQ)

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⚡️Today’s Headlines⚡️

🗂️ Threads might auto-archive user posts after 30 days

👯 YouTube’s copying TikTok’s Duets feature with Shorts Collabs

🎥 X just added in-stream video to Spaces chats

#️⃣ Bluesky now has hashtags

🙌 Google Analytics 4 launched a new simplified Ads report

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🛠️ Things Worth Checking Out 🛠️

📈 DATA - I've used Databox since 2018 to consolidate all of my marketing metrics into one easy-to-read dashboard & morning email. Get your free VIP set-up call here :)

📰 NEWS ADS - It’s hard to be a news outlet right now, especially as advertisers are all running to social media platforms. What does the future look like for news orgs?

⚙️ AI TOOLS - According to research from SEMRush, 40% of marketers are using generative AI tools daily. Need ideas for how to start using it in your marketing? Check out the new report.

Today’s Insight

📰 TL;DR - Wendy’s made headlines this week with the announcement of their experiment with dynamic pricing next year and changing the price of their food based on high-demand times of the day. We’ve been used to this approach to pricing with Uber and concert tickets… so will we adapt to using this in retail and eComm?

💡 Insight - It’s hard to change the way things usually are. The general response to Wendy’s news was negative. People don’t want to pay extra for a Frosty just because it’s hot outside, and everyone wants a cool relief. But that’s largely because they’ve never had to. If people have a certain expectation of what your products should cost, you may find some resistance to change. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be doing it.

Wendy’s also dropped the ball a bit on managing the announcement. The news came from an earnings call, followed by spokesperson statements. If you’re making a big, groundbreaking change, you need to control the narrative to get ahead of any visceral negative response.

It really depends on how you tell the story. Wendy’s could have spun this dynamic pricing as, “come in when business is slow and get a discount” and made it seem like a deal for the consumers. But instead, they’re managing cleanup and trying to calm the narrative.

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